Spring Weekends are ON

Greetings everyone! We are GO for all weekends! That goes for the Men, the Women, the Girls, and the Guys. All of the dates are here on the website (look to the left). You can also find registration forms and the information about where to mail the forms here (look for the FORMS tab at the top right of the page).

NOW is the time to get those registrations submitted. We are excited about re-starting this ministry and we need help from the entire community to make this happen.

If you sponsored someone previously for the weekend, please contact the respective registrar to confirm the status of your pilgrim or caterpillar. We will also reach out, but it would be very helpful to have that information flow to us as well.

Mark the dates on your calendar now so that you are sure to be available for send-off, candlelight, and closing.

DeColores y’all !!!
Fly with Christ 🦋

Barb Gallion, Emmaus Lay Director
Greg Boege, Chrysalis Lay Director