Chrysalis Board

If you are interested in serving on the Chrysalis Board, or in serving Chrysalis or Emmaus in general, please call anyone on the board. There are many opportunities to serve and use your talents for the community and we would love to have your help in serving God’s purpose for our world.

Delmarva Chrysalis Board of Directors

PositionNamePhoneTerm Expires
Community Lay DirectorDebbie Panchisin302-753-637105/31/2018
Asst. Community Lay DirectorBrandon Mohler302-593-513805/31/2019
Lay AdvisorVickey Mohler
Community Spiritual DirectorBruce Erdner443-945-292605/31/2018
Assistant Community SDDavid Kelley05/31/2018
TreasurerTami Golt302-399-039605/31/2018
PropertyJoAnn Kelley05/31/2019
RegistrarsGlenn & Christine Spencer443-553-768405/31/2018
SecretaryKristina Breidenbach05/31/2018
Communications - AdultAndy Mussaw443-907-477105/31/2018
Communications - YouthJustin Breidenbach05/31/2019
Pre-WeekendKyle Smith05/31/2018
Post-Weekend - AdultScott Mohler Jr.05/31/2019
Post-Weekend - AdultJillian Mohler05/31/2019
Post-Weekend - YouthIn prayer05/31/2019
Adoration & Praise - AdultAllan Coppage410-924-409705/31/2019
Adoration & Praise - YouthIn prayer05/31/2019
Agape - AdultMegan Blyman05/31/2019
Agape - YouthMarley Spencer05/31/2019
Prayer Coordinator - AdultTheresa Mussaw05/31/2018
Prayer Coordinator - YouthJocelyn Mohler05/31/2019
Weekend Services - AdultGreg & Debbie Boege410-490-588305/31/2018
Weekend Services - YouthGrace Boege05/31/2018
Team Selection Co-ChairKathie Eachus05/31/2018
Team Selection Co-ChairChad Carisch05/31/2018

Non-Board Positions

PositionNamePhoneTerm Expires
Photography CoordinatorChuck Auer
Candlelight Support TeamTom Willis443-480-2501May 31, 2017
Web ManagementSend a note about the site
Prayer RequestsSend a Prayer Request
Database Assistant

Background Checks

Chrysalis follows the Upper Room’s Safe Sanctuaries Directive. This means we perform background checks on adults (18+ years old) who will be working in an official capacity for the Community.