Girl’s Flight #58

  • September 30-October 4, 2022
  • LD Megan Blyman
  • SENDOFF 9/30/22 7:30am
  • CLOSING  10/2/22 4:00pm
Caterpillar List
Name Sponsor Co-Sponsor
Tristan Snellings
East Point Community Church
Scott and Vickey Mohler
Asbury United Methodist
Hannah Ferguson
Asbury United Methodist
Asbury Emmaus Group
Asbury UMC
Abby Voshell
Connection Community Church
James Voshell
Kyle Smith
Samantha Eley
Jenn, Dave and Camryn Eley
Kylie Sweeney
The Journey
Jennifer and Hannah Zipf
Emma Spray
Debbie and Grace Boege
First UMC
Sloane Rudometkin
Kristina Breidenbach
Grace Carroll
Christ the Cornerstone
Christ the Cornerstone
Ashlynn Kunes
Shore Haven Baptist
Christy and Tim Meers
Zoe Yiournas
Christ the Cornerstone
Christ The Cornerstone
Team List
Name Position Talk
Megan Blyman Lay Director Priesthood of All Believers
Kristina Breidenbach Asst. Lay Director
Amanda Smith Asst. Lay Director
Hannah Zipf Asst. Lay Director (Y) Next Steps
Tami Golt Asst. Lay Director
Kristin Mau Board Representative
John Hornberger Spiritual Director God's Gift To You
Nancy Greenwell Res. Asst. Spiritual Director God Empowers You
Nancy Connor Asst. Spiritual Director God Designed You
Pearl Johnson Asst. Spiritual Director God Loves You
Bruce Erdner Asst. Spiritual Director God Sustains You
Sandy Morelli Table Leader Communication Through Prayer
Laura Logullo Table Leader Faith
Michelle Moore Table Leader Single Life
Alice Moore Table Leader Marriage
Sue Crooks Table Leader
Brianna Pontak Table Leader (Y) Ideals
Eden Lied Table Leader (Y) Christian Growth Through Study
Tessa Smith Table Leader (Y) Christian Action
Melissa Wood Table Leader (Y) Prodigal
Erin Watson Table Leader (Y)
Jocelyn Mohler Logistics Coordinator
Angel Piecuch Logistics Coordinator
Grace Boege Logistics Coordinator (Y)
In Prayer Prayer Chapel Coordinator
Abby Miller Prayer Chapel Coordinator
Jen Zipf Agape Coordinator
Erin Estes Agape Coordinator (Y)
Vickey Mohler Kitchen Coordinator
Dee Thomas Asst. Kitchen Coordinator
Kacey Willis Asst. Kitchen Coordinator (Y)
Patti Krespan Musician
In Prayer Musician (Y)
Michael Moore Storyteller
Jesus Ultimate Guide