Men’s Walk #73

  • October 6-9, 2022
  • LD Scott Loveless
  • SENDOFF 10/6/22 7:00pm
  • CLOSING  10/9/22 4:00pm
Team List
Name Position Talk
Scott Loveless Lay Director Perseverance
Billy Carroll Spiritual Director Means of Grace
Barb Auer Res. Asst. Spiritual Director Sanctifying Grace
Dave Lovelace Asst. Spiritual Director Prevenient Grace
Gary Priddy Asst. Spiritual Director Justifying Grace
Eric Warner Asst. Spiritual Director Obstacles to Grace
Alan Coppage Asst. Lay Director Priority
Dick Baldwin Asst. Lay Director Life of Piety
Lonnie Webb Asst. Lay Director Growth Through Study
Earl Reed Asst. Lay Director - Tech
Joe Pennington Table Leader Priesthood of All Believers
Paul Busch Table Leader Body of Christ
D.R. Barton Table Leader Fourth Day
Chuck Auer Table Leader
Alex Emrey Table Leader
Cody Bloothoofd Asst. Table Leader Discipleship
Dale Collins Asst. Table Leader
Jim Daniel Asst. Table Leader
Hunter Nichols Asst. Table Leader
Chris Portante Asst. Table Leader
Dan Blakeney Musician Christian Action
John Bunts Musician Changing Our World
Ken Copeland Agape Coordinator
In prayer Agape Coordinator
Tom Stang Designated Board Representative
Jesus Ultimate Guide