Chrysalis Applications

Hello everyone!
Last month, our two Chrysalis teams met for their pre-weekend kick off, and despite the fact that we did not meet our goal of having 6 applications for the boy’s and girl’s weekend, we decided to put the weekends into God’s hands.

These weekends will happen because of our faith in Christ and our faith in our awesome community!

So now it’s YOUR turn! As a community, it’s mainly our responsibility to fill these weekends with youth! God has already put the youth into our lives and it’s our turn to be the hands and feet to get them there.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a youth. Or two. Or three! Currently, we have about 8 applications for the girl’s weekend and about 6 applications for the boy’s weekend.

We would love to have 25 youth on both weekends. Let’s push and pray for 50 kids to experience the love of Christ through Chrysalis! If any community can do it, we can! Get your apps in as soon as you can!

Lastly, if you haven’t heard already, we are planning on having fall flights as well. Please pray hard for full weekends, the team members, our leadership on the board, and the youth that will soon experience a weekend that will change their lives forever!

Thank you and Fly With Christ / De Colores!

Andy Mussaw