Update on Spring Emmaus Weekends

Once again I must share news with you about delays for our Emmaus weekends.  While the Board had been hopeful about the possibility of holding weekends this spring, the recent significant surge in Covid cases has caused us to postpone the Men’s weekend.  We have not yet made a decision on the Women’s weekend and will be monitoring conditions with the goal of making that decision later in February.  We know that Covid will be with us for a long time and that we will ultimately need to adjust to this, but after prayerful consideration we have discerned that now is not the time.  Please continue to pray for our community, families, and neighbors and that the cases and impact of the virus on our daily lives will soon subside. 

Please also remember that sponsorship should be an ongoing process and does not need to be tied directly to a particular weekend or circumstance.  Continue to discuss Emmaus with others as opportunities arise, and feel free to submit applications at any time.  In this way, we can be better prepared to hold a weekend when the time comes.  And, of course, the applicant would not be obligated to attend until conditions are agreeable to them.  Some of you probably remember being on a waiting list for a year or more, knowing that your weekend would come in God’s time.  The current “waiting list” is a bit different, but we should not be putting sponsorship on hold. Pilgrim applications can be sent to Judy Shores at any time. You can find the application and the contact information for Judy on our webpage at http://www.flywithchrist.org/forms/ under “Want to Attend Emmaus?”

We thank you for your patience, your prayers, and your continued support of the Emmaus and Chrysalis community.  Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy.


Barb Gallion

Community Lay Director

Delmarva Walk to Emmaus